RIPPED: Expressions from the Underground, explores the art and influence of punk rock on design and culture. Ripped includes 150+ band t-shirts, photographs, posters, and related ephemera from the punk, post-punk and indie rock eras. Based on the book, Ripped: T-shirts from the underground. The exhibition documents the band t-shirt as a method of communication and self-expression in the pre-Internet era. FIDM Museum and Galleries - Los Angeles, CA.

FIDM Museum & Galleries Exhibition Los Angeles, CA.

"Ripped: Expressions from the..." Exhibit Entrance Graphic


Schuler/Squirrel Bait Silk Screen  

"X" / The Plugs / The Germs  

Betsey Johnson & John Cale  

Rigging of 150+ T-shirts in Exhibit  

Nancy Spungen T-shirt...circa. 1978